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Can Someone Really Change After a Life of Drugs and Compulsiveness?

Question by : Can someone really change after a life of drugs and compulsiveness?
I didn’t know where else to post this so here it goes…I have a friend who is about to leave a christian run treatment center . The past 10 years of her life have run on compulsive behavior and drugs. She now tells me after 3 months that shes clean, free of her manipulative ways, has found god(reads the bible all the time), is ready to commit to a real relationship with trust and faith fullness and so on. I am afraid she might fall through the cracks again but my question is..can a christian way of life and influence really change someone that drastically?? in that short of time?? How often do these people relapse??

Drug Abuse Treatment Center for Christians


Drug Abuse Treatment Center For Christians – – At the Christian Addiction Network, we offer a helping hand to everyone in need of treatment for any type of addiction…


Hobby Lobby defends freedom by opposing abortion coverage

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Religious liberty is front and center on the nation's Thanksgiving table. On Tuesday, the … Green doesn't need federal mandates to tell him how to treat and retain good employees. He does it because it is the … Last September, Hobby Lobby sued the …

How Can I Have My Wife Released From a Mental Health Facility if She and Her Rights Are Being Violated?

Question by cjsimmons269: How can I have my wife released from a mental health facility if she and her rights are being violated?
I have a concern in reference to my wife. She is bipolar and pregnant which meant that her medication wasn’t’t working as well as it should. Due to lack of concentration and focus, I admitted her to a mental health facility so that they may find a way to manage/change her meds. This was over 1 month ago. Since this time, my wholesome Christian wife has been exposed to vulgar language, has picked up profanity, has learned of prostitution and drugs. Worst yet, she has been violated (touched) on 3 occasions. This is absolutely not what I (we) signed up for. Most recently was last week when a patient touched the front of her genitalia. This is absolutely unacceptable! At this point, I decided to have her released. After all, she went in voluntarily. She made the request which meant that an MD had 4 hours to respond. Shouldn’t be her decision to make? I arrived and the doctor began looking at me harshly through the window. He came out with a nurse and was instantly agitated stating that he is “tired of having to come up here”. First of all, it is his job. Secondly, he was on staff in the clinic. From what I have seen, much of the staff tends to stay in the office and drink coffee ignoring patients request. They hand them crayons and let them watch TV. This isn’t’t therapeutic in my opinion. I fully understand that patients may become stir crazy and want out even if they feel that they are okay. However, I know my wife better than the doctors, better than staff, and better than her family. She is my very best friend. In addition to being my wife, we share everything together. Most importantly, I know her personality and changes in it and I see that she has improved.

Jesus Christ Answers Homeless Drug Addict’s Prayer in an Unusual Way!


Jesus Christ Answers Homeless Drug Addict’s Prayer In An Unusual Way!


Buddhism and the Twelve Steps

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Local AA groups reflect the culture from which they arise, which is why some of these gatherings have an evangelical Christian feel. Many AA meetings, for example, end with the Lord's prayer. So it's no surprise that a small but growing number of …
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Hometown Days events stretch out over three days

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Windows to My Soul: The Redemption of Larry Tilley (Part I)


Windows To My Soul: The Redemption of Larry Tilley (Part I) – In this riveting and revealing testimony, Larry Tilley discusses how Jesus Christ brought him out of live of depression, drug addiction, sickness and homosex…


Downing: The Man With the Answers

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That's not why people left, but I support public education. I went to … I'm not sure about charter schools or whatever, but public education is not the main problem in Jackson. … But it's the drugs and the crime. I want to spend money on schools …
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I Am Looking for a Faith Based Drug Rehab. Center in Illinois?

Question by mikesmuts: I am looking for a Faith based drug rehab. center in Illinois?

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Answer by Rebekah
Spencer Recovery Centers offers a Christian drug and alcohol treatment track for individuals who are having difficulties with alcohol and drug dependence. Christian treatment is different from typical rehabilitation facilities because it emphasizes Jesus Christ as the Higher Power referred to in all other 12 step recovery centers. In an effort to please their clients who do not believe and have not read the bible, many facilities do a disservice to their clients by not emphasizing that it is God alone who has the power to relieve you from your addiction to drugs and alcohol.