Substance Abuse Prevention by Addressing Your Depression


Substance Abuse Prevention by Addressing Your Depression – Substance Abuse and Addiction can be a response to Depression. By gaining a deeper understanding of Depression through the use of Mindfulness, your ability t…


Pequannock Township Coalition says family dinners prevent substance abuse

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The Pequannock Township Coalition (PTC), a coalition aimed at reducing and preventing substance use and abuse among youth in Pequannock Township, is urging all families to plan frequent family dinners as a way to combat substance abuse. Studies …


Pelham selectman organizes response to drug abuse

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Sandi Rubchinuk, coordinator with the Greater Rockingham County Regional Network Allies in Substance Abuse Prevention, is helping Lynde and other community leaders organize the event. “There is substance abuse anywhere and everywhere you go, …
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Senator Menendez Announces More than million to Fight Youth Substance

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“The Den” at Bloomfield High School is run by Family Connections' Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team, which received a $ 125,000 grant. One of 12 ADAPT locations throughout Essex County, the Den provides counseling and alternative recreational …


13 Responses to Substance Abuse Prevention by Addressing Your Depression

  • mastr mattfto says:

    Thank God im not the? only one.

  • oscaedo says:

    Very funny video, really im gonna send this video to the war veterans? in iraq , and tell them to do jogging or walking , because the atrocities they lived in the war and the ptsd and depression they have will be cure easily just by doing jogging or walking lol.

  • Quinn Cureton says:

    At this point I will try pretty much anything…But some of this stuff is just hard for me to take seriously…Winnie the Pooh? Gnomes and Eor? Using detailed? acronyms to describe stages in recovery. Deep breaths. It could work

  • Judy FIELDS DAVIS says:

    Thanks so? much

  • duceduce55 says:

    thanks for sharing?

  • 333spanker says:

    Very interesting? video.

  • Cardozo99 says:

    !GUYS ONLY! looking to chat? just got new laptop K

  • Paul B says:

    Excellent advice,i normaly do lsd when im feeling depressed i just found it the natural way to make myself feel good.The hardest part is getting the motivation to do somthing esspecialy if your lonely.?

  • NotLikeChicken says:

    Very nice. A few good acronym tools to actually help realize what drives this sort of behavior. I gotta say though, I had a chuckle when you? said LSD is the best way to treat depression. Thank You.

  • KroniklyStoned420 says:

    walking definatly helps me
    somtimes when im sitting there by myself depressed wanting to just dissapear ill go for a walk, long or short walking makes me feel better? atleast
    anything to make it stop

  • kampfarzor says:

    agree? 🙂

  • ChosonNinja says:

    Sorry about? the mispelling, my finger just types to fast and I never check and its a bad habbit. I meant “THANK YOU SO MUCH”!

  • humblechosonninja says:

    Thnak you so much. This was very very informative! God bless you? Dr.fields.
    With respect *Bow*

    5 stars.

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