Stop to Prescription Drug Abuse—America’s Fastest Growing Epidemic


Stop to Prescription Drug Abuse—America’s Fastest Growing Epidemic – Prescription drug abuse is the largest epidemic facing the American public today. The abuse of prescription drugs is the fastest-growing segment of illegal d…


Drug House Odyssey walk-through presentation displays effects of drug and

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A Northern Kentucky community is hoping an intense new event will bring more awareness to the growing issue of drug abuse across the Tri-State. Drug House Odyssey is a walk-through presentation displaying the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Think: A …
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In Focus: Raising awareness of prescription drug abuse

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Prescription drug abuse is the fastest-growing addiction problem in the nation, according to experts. In Western New York, an estimated 1 in 5 young adults between ages 18 and 25 is either dependent on or abusing prescription painkillers. More than 50 …
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5 Responses to Stop to Prescription Drug Abuse—America’s Fastest Growing Epidemic

  • WestRidgeAcademyUtah says:

    Cool? idea too!

  • WestRidgeAcademyUtah says:

    Thank you for sharing this video and sharing your story with the world! It was very powerful to hear? from your for your brother too!

  • christopher marshall says:

    Are these guys serious??

  • Dr henry Burns says:

    If you are looking for an enlightening and spiritual? journey, you can now stop looking. You have found it.
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  • Robin Generelli says:

    Prescription drug abuse is far worse than people either dont know or want to admit my son started off using prescripion drugs now a full blown addict!!! rehabs need to deal with the issue off drug abuse and not hand out more drugs russell brand has it right check out his documentary on you tube also my story called? drugs and the broken sysytem on you tube god bless us all

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