Prescription Stimulant Abuse in Teens


Prescription Stimulant Abuse in Teens – This documentary discusses the growing issue of Prescription Stimulant abuse in teens, specifically the use of the drugs Adderall and Ritalin. The film addre…


Julia O'Malley: For homeless teens, it's about more than right and wrong

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When I rode with them on Wednesday, their mission was to make contacts and let the teenagers we saw know about their clinic headquarters downtown, which offers everything from STD testing to help finding jobs and housing. Calesia wore oversized glasses …
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Free Drug Screening Offered For San Diego County Teens

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Four San Diego rehab programs will now provide free, initial drug tests for teenagers. One of the rehab centers that will provide free drug screening is The McAlister Institute. Jeanne McAlister founded the institute more than 35 years ago, and has …


A-Rod's lawyer wants Manfred testimony released

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Manfred said he explained during his testimony that MLB's focus was on whether players violated the sport's drug agreement or labor contract. He also said MLB had been a leader in preventing steroid abuse by youth. "While Mr. Manfred has violated the …
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Conference on teen drug use set for Oct. 25

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The Rhode Island Student Assistance Services will host its second annual conference focusing on marijuana and prescription drug use by teens. The conference, entitled Strategies that Work: Teens, Marijuana and Prescription Drugs, will … Dinklage …
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