Prescription Drug Abuse


Prescription Drug Abuse – This video shows the statistics showing the rapid increase of prescription drug abuse among teenagers today. I made this video as part of my health project f…


Kanawha task force to tackle meth and pain pill 'crisis'

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The task force will examine statistics about prescription drug overdoses and pill mills — illegitimate pain clinics that have sprung up in Kanawha County, Carper said. The group also will review the significant increase in meth lab seizures … Earl …
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Latin America's Backyard – OpEd

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He dutifully rehearsed the conventional U.S. agenda for the region: more neoliberal economic policies, support for the U.S.-led war on illegal drugs, and cooperation in stemming the flow of unauthorized immigration. The crux of the issue is that the …
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Drug fuelled crimes

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Not surprisingly, the most devastating impact of drug addiction and drug dealings is a rise in violent crimes, not just extortion, mugging and robberies. Dhaka city's homicide rates have gone up several times, and expert analysis says that almost 70 …
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2 Responses to Prescription Drug Abuse

  • Intoactionrehab says:

    Statistics is sign that there is an steady rise of prescription drug addiction. It is about that something has to be done to it by saving our young people through? this campaign and prescription regulation.

  • DrDownBrowns says:

    you and your underdeveloped mind may believe that I only deserve a C-, but my health teacher thought it deserved? a 98! hehe jk. JK about the underdeveloped mind, not kidding about the 98. Lol

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