Please Help if U Are Good at Writing and English Due Tomorrow?

Question by Keisha: Please Help if u are good at writing and English Due tomorrow?
I have to write a introduction page for a research paper on Heroin Abuse I dont know how I should start off

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Answer by shan
I cou;ld help, I just dont know what you mean by introduction help. please feel free to email me with further details if you want to.

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6 Responses to Please Help if U Are Good at Writing and English Due Tomorrow?

  • annc says:

    what is your thesis?

  • theartisttwin says:

    Do your own homework

  • purplegreen_peaches says:

    Something like this:

    Herion is an addictive, harmful drug that can ruin lives. It takes your money, time, and health away from you drasticly and can make a huge impression on your life. The consequences are very real and sometimes fatal. Herion is a bad choice to make, and can give you a past full of regrets.


  • amy l says:

    pic it paint a pic with ur words of a overdocer make them cry and u will get an a

  • ddot2882 says:

    You need something to grad the reader. Start with a personal story or one that you have read in your research about an individual who was addicted to heroin. Talk about the awful effects of this drug. That will pull your reader in and keep their attention. Then discuss all the facts and statistics and help with people with the addiction.

  • PalmPartnersRecovery says:

    Thank you! ? We have many wonderful addiction recovery testimonials on our YouTube channel for you to watch. We are glad that you like them.

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