My Addiction Story – Part 1


My Addiction Story – Part 1 – PART 2 – COMING SOON*** My name is Matt, and I’m a 23-year old college sophomore at Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. This video…


Is there a doctor on the plane?

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So it is perhaps unsurprising that, every other week in the US, there is a news story about someone dying in the air of natural causes. (For it to make international news, there has to be …. was ultimately given a refund. (Kenya Airways never …
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Prescription drug use at root of many Utah addictions and deaths

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Utah is eighth in the nation when it comes to overdose deaths due to prescription pain killers, killing 16.9 per 100,000 in 2010 alone. A new report by Trust for America's Health entitled "Prescription Drug Abuse: Strategies to Stop the Epidemic …
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11 Responses to My Addiction Story – Part 1

  • S03Mac says:

    good luck quitting subs bro.? u thought withdrawl from blues was horrible.. just wait

  • Cheyanne Flournoy says:

    Hey Matt, I’d enjoy a part two. When you have the time :)?

  • anuangelseyes says:

    Doctors&thier clinics are making BANK off MILLIONS of kids just like this..this guy is still an opoid addict(suboxone=opoid)..the only diffrence is insted of paying a dealer he pays a doctor..The American Medical Association(AMA) is a DRUG CARTEL..just the same as mexico..exept they’re legal and socially acceptable..Opiates are expensive because theyre ILLEGAL..thats what ruins lives is the COST..opiates before 1914 were O.T.C and CHEAP..with that being? said its still hard being an addict.

  • byScruffy says:

    Respect. Glad to hear your story…? <3

  • 44niok says:

    i ve been smokn weed every? single solitary day since age 13 nd i quit a week ago. im now drug free sorry to hear u got addicted, my real addiction was mollys at one point i was taking 9 mollys to get fuked up

  • 44niok says:

    the high of pain pills to me is nothing im 19yo now 145I lbs at 5’11” nd? i felt the pills jus so weak to me pointless

  • 44niok says:

    tried ixycodene a oxy pill thats also a perc i took 4the at once and a klaunapin nd? smoked 44at blunts and drank 14 beers coronas old e and some othee shit.

  • 44niok says:

    spe ding 3? days in jail.this was 4the days ago i am now completely drug free!

  • tyuiop1218 says:

    I pay 18 to 20$? ea fer 30s

  • omgKALLUM says:

    Awesome man, inspiration! Thumbs up? and subscribed 🙂

  • Alexander Mcgee says:

    hey Matt hang in there brotha u still have frends and family that care about you man, watch the vidio you made take a lot of ball to get on a camra and talk abouth that kind of shit man, its good to here that your doing something about it your self on your own,? shit is intence and can escelat out of controll like i said man your not alone man you have frends and family that you can talk to man you need anything just reace out it would be great to hear from you .Alex.

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