Meredith Baxter as a Drug-Addicted Nurse in “Darkness Before Dawn” GREAT TV MOVIE


Meredith Baxter as a drug-addicted nurse in “Darkness Before Dawn” GREAT TV MOVIE – Meredith Baxter will always be the Queen of TV movies, and this 1993 movie is one of her all-time best! This video shows highlights from the first half of th…


This 80-Year-Old Is Spreading Kindness And Hope In The Most Unlikely Place

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Every week, she visits prisons in Kansas, where she meets with inmates who range from drug and sex offenders to murderers facing life sentences. They've all committed crimes, and they all want to turn their lives … The participants then go around and …
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Millions for Western Cape Substance Abuse Programmes

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The Department of Social Development in the Western Cape has increased this years annual budget for interventions to address substance abuse to R87-million. According to the site The Naked Truth SAPS figures show 60% of crimes nationally are related …


24 Responses to Meredith Baxter as a Drug-Addicted Nurse in “Darkness Before Dawn” GREAT TV MOVIE

  • tayla bear says:

    Is that cop really that? stupid!!

  • markw6593 says:

    Is? a other movie just like this… But not base on a true story.
    My Baby Is Missing

  • Jay S. says:

    Meredith Baxter is an extraordinary actress! One movie I remember seeing her in was A Woman Scorned The Betty Broderick story. It was an interesting movie! Can you show A Woman Scorned The Betty Broderick story? on youtube?

  • Nancy Steptoe says:

    MJF has PARKSINSONS, don’t you read or watch the news. nancypatterson1234?

  • Nancy Steptoe says:

    Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction to see all of “Darkness Before? Dawn”. It was a great movie and thoughtful of you to post it. nancypatterson1234

  • Brina Bree says:

    Go to moviemanfitnessman…he has the full? movie..its 3 parts..

  • 2218lizbeth says:

    Where is the? rest of the movie.???????????????? i really wana watch this.

  • 2218lizbeth says:

    me too.i am new to? youtube and this sucks.if you figure out how to watch the whole movie can you please let me know.???i am on fb,look me up.:)

  • Brina Bree says:

    I wanna see da? movie

  • suzysurena says:

    hey uploader could ya possibly answer? everyones question and tell us where to watch the whole movie.

  • SUNMAYDEN518 says:


  • sandy Doesntcare says:

    I remember seeing this? movie a while ago. Its a shame when a nurse gets addicted like that, access to all those medications, it would be real easy for someone to overdose

  • linkdavid says:

    Is this why Michael J. Fox is so? shaky?

  • Frances Baby says:

    Does anyone know where I can watch his ??

  • Anne Fox says:

    This is the current state? of nursing in Alberta Canada. Abuse by nurses is extreme a major part of the attack is against First nations women and children. Dope fiend nurses influence amount of medications for each group then they steal meds causing over-doses to the patient who was never receiving that much medication. Reliance on racist hate stereotypes. Nurses are angry abusive hostile aggressive against children who they see as cute able to get funding. HATING EVEN CHILD CANCER PATIENTS.

  • Emily Gregory says:

    this looks good,would someone be kind enough to put up the whole movie? please?

  • ladyvharsen says:

    When I was in high school, I used to tease my parents why they never had to worry about me using drugs–a pill much stronger than tylenol would make me throw up, anything in my nose would cause a sinus infection, smoke of any kind? makes me cough and I’m scared to death of needles. Don’t know of anything that’s left.

  • spiritfyre1 says:

    they left? that oldest daughter all alone??

  • spiritfyre1 says:


  • starrbeatlesqueen says:

    The actress who portrays one of the nurses is the same actress who portrays Ricky’s foster mother on the TV series The Secret Life of? the American Teenager.

  • AlexisAlways1 says:

    Thanks for? the upload.

  • AlexisAlways1 says:

    Jeffgg, great comment. Nurse? Jackie is bad for those who work in the medical profession and chronic pain pts. Are you a nurse?

  • Jessica Lynn says:

    She reminds me of Jamie Lee Curtis? 🙂

  • Kim McBride says:

    This is the darkest drug movie of all time. When you think it’s gotten way too? dark….boom! Darker! Unreal.

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