Marijuana Facts – Addiction


Marijuana Facts – Addiction – In October of 2012, the BestCare Treatment Services Prevention staff and the Jefferson County Prevention Task Force hosted an informative statewide Marijuana…


Kristol: Palin could 'rehabilitate herself' with 2014 Senate win

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“I think her stepping down as governor of Alaska was a big problem,” he continued. “People don't like to see a candidate, a governor, an executive — absent some medical reason or whatever — to just leave office early. She had been a good governor, …
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The Molly Craze Is Back — And Buzzier Than Ever

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Studies have shown varied results in tests for addiction and tolerance in humans, but so far no conclusive evidence suggests that it has the same potential for addiction as other drugs. A recent New York Times article, “Molly: Pure, but Not So Simple,” …
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Ralph Nader's life in three words: 'I was right'

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The real problem is the mass feeling of powerlessness. Once you feel powerless you're apathetic by definition. As long as the people who are leading are backed by public sentiment, have a grip on the facts and are persistent, they can win. It's easier …
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