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Malibu Drug Treatment Center – California – Get a successful and individual detox and drug treatment program in Malibu. Get the professional care you need. Visit us at or…


Psoriasis treatment often inadequate

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Up to 20% of psoriasis patients eventually develop a form of arthritis related to the condition called psoriatic arthritis, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "Compared to other chronic conditions, patients with psoriasis …


Calif. counties seek to reduce re-offense rate

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Ly also is on the leadership committee of a special center where low-level ex-cons can take classes, learn parenting skills, get job training and complete drug and alcohol counseling – all in the same place. She said the … Ly is one of thousands of …
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3 Responses to Malibu Drug Treatment Center – California

  • jesmina84 says:

    Ill never forget my stay at Cliffside Malibu. I reached the level of sober living while I was there and got enjoy all of? those beautiful programs. It certainly was the rehabilitation that I needed in my life.

  • mafiamira says:

    The architecture is very stunning and the location? is extremely luxurious. I see why you guys are ranked number one for drug rehab centers in California.

  • jennyali84 says:

    My? brother has been sober for a year now, thanks to you guys. He was really headed down the wrong path and very easily could have ended up in jail or dead. Now, I dont worry about him like I used to because I know he has been healed.

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