Macklemore Talks Otherside, Lil Wayne, Substance Abuse, Seattle Hip Hop and More


Macklemore talks Otherside, Lil Wayne, Substance Abuse, Seattle Hip Hop and more – Exclusive in-depth interview with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at Paid Dues. In part 1 Macklemore talks to Nick Huff Barili about Seattl…


Rejoice! Abs from Five is rumoured to have signed up for the new series of

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He'd been through hell and back with drug addiction, had ended up living in a rat infested bakery at one point when Five split and even worked as a gigolo (sad face!) but had come out the other side smiling and moved to the countryside with his …
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Cory Monteith's death brings out the addiction 'experts'

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Some counselors even sent over some handy suggested quotes for my convenience. "I don't know if Cory Monteith died from drug addiction or alcoholism," read one suggested sound bite from a counselor. But, the good doctor was eager to point out, Monteith …
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18 Responses to Macklemore Talks Otherside, Lil Wayne, Substance Abuse, Seattle Hip Hop and More

  • Trevor Martin says:

    Kanye is? a dicksucker stfu already

  • Trevor Martin says:

    Kanye is a dicksucker stfu already?

  • Captiantaco97 says:

    Why are Macklemore and Lupe Fiasco the only rappers i know about that know how important it is to give back to the community? Artists need to give back so you have not only fan support but you? will have moral support think about it

  • MrBooskie3000 says:

    North? West is where Hip Hops been.

  • Ashley Mazerolle says:

    Telling Messages Through his songs (I Click done? on Accident)

  • Ashley Mazerolle says:

    Can’t you people see that? macklemore it’s

  • Sabrey Nolan says:

    well first of all, macklemore is better than all of them in my opinion. Same Love isn’t his only song? He does rap. He is obviously better off than you. He’s richer than you’ll? ever be with more fans than you have friends.

  • Dalton Alley says:

    So is sticking your? finger down your throat you fat hoe!

  • Dalton Alley says:

    So is sticking your finger down your? throat you fat hoe!

  • Antoine Dodson says:


  • jesse brewer says:

    naive? much?

  • NellJacoby546 says:

    Have you seen Fat Blast Lifestyle? (check it out on google) It is a quick and easy? way to shed pounds fast.

  • MmmGoodToast7 says:

    People are haters. You cant even compare Kanye or any other rapper to Macklemore because he’s different. Kanye is all about Kanye whereas Macklemore has some kind of meaningful message in almost all of his songs. He’s passionate about his music and understands the impact that it has on America’s youth, and Kanye is arrogant and self centered…’nuff said.

  • NolmDirtyDan says:

    Macklemore isn’t about that life. His excuse of a career is a gay loving song that he doesnt even rap in. Its all about Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, OFWGKTA, etc. macklemore is just a white? fake with little skill

  • macklebieber says:

    hey u wanna know? more about macklemore? well theres this awesome video called “the face? behind the thrift shop star” here on youtube! Check it out!!

  • Revant Kumar says:

    word, like where does he/should he fall into? this?

  • D Brian says:


  • jamesbond934 says:

    Didn’t say you did. Might of looked like I implied it but I? didn’t.

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