J Is for Junkie [Full Length Documentary]


J is for Junkie [Full Length Documentary] – Greedmont TV presents a documentary by Corey Davis on a group crack addicts in Atlanta who live outside in a small cove behind a Texaco, infamously dubbed as…


Disney Star Dies At 29: Lee Thompson Young Found Dead In His Home

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Herbert Lom. Herbert Lom, best known as Inspector Clouseau's long-suffering boss in the "Pink Panther" movies, died peacefully in his sleep at home in London on Sept. 27, 2012. He was 95. …. target="_hplink">Houston's well documented struggles with …
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Top 10 things you may have missed this summer

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Nothing too great came out and the movies you thought would be awesome, ahem “Lone Ranger,” turned out with horrible reviews. One was able … The actor, who played Finn Hudson on the FOX hit show, was battling a longtime drug addiction. Montieth was …
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22 Responses to J Is for Junkie [Full Length Documentary]

  • darren Garrett says:

    nice? video

  • Bush Babees says:

    This is an excellent well? put together documentary…….I live in Atlanta. Happy you talked about the truth. This touched my heart….
    “Its not enough to just live you have to give back, give yourself”

  • bones12010 says:

    That girl? is a tough bitch.

  • MountAnalogue says:

    I? feel SO bad for the guy at 18:22. Jesus. Hid whole world was destroyed. No wonder he turned to crack. I mean, after what he went through, can you blame him? I want to give that guy a hug and buy him a beer.

  • pete lignos says:

    god? bless

  • YogiBeahr says:

    maybe watch it again it might get through your thick skull.
    not everyone lives in a perfect world like you do.
    you’re right about one thing, they do have a lot of things in common, but you’re too ignorant to realise, they all obviously got into drugs by something traumatic in their lives, they turned to? drugs to take their pain away, they got hooked and then drugs changed them into the people they are now.
    but they still have a past that you can’t see. so dont judge a book by its cover.

  • Raquel986 says:

    what a great documentary!?

  • Thetruthhurts Dontit says:

    In all of these people, I see the same things in common: none of them can speak understandable English, they all act as if someone else did this to them, they care more for their drugs than they do for anyone else, they expect sympathy? from everyone else, and they will do nothing to change. Stupid seems to be a virtue for them and they wear it like a badge of honor. How can anyone feel sorry for someone like this? They disgust me just to look at them.

  • Thetruthhurts Dontit says:

    What a load if shit! everyone has the absolute right to make judgments of? someone who is looking for support from them in order to live a life of non-productivity and squallier. Being a crack addict is a choice, and living like a bum is also a choice, no one made any of these people become what they are, they are there because they did nothing to help themselves to be anything else. It’s far easier to do nothing and live off of the work and sympathies of others than to get cleaned up & work!

  • Thetruthhurts Dontit says:

    Hey lady! There’s a tag on your hat! you planning on returning? that thing after you’ve filled it with head lice? or is that some kind of new fashion statement in the ghetto these days.

  • libertine777 says:

    It sucks, almost? no one smokes .
    Too much Talking .
    HIGH CRACK STREET is so much better .

  • SheisB515 says:

    Damn…that was deep…?

  • anthony schierer says:

    good? film, sad

  • tuodekab says:

    im guessing you’ve? never tried crack…once u smoke crack you never go back

  • zion domacena says:

    j is for jrunkard?

  • Kumqwad says:

    Hey I think the? tag is still on your hat.

  • James Danis says:

    nice background music?

  • Rottinghere says:

    Excellent documentary regarding one of the most tragic of social ills. However the unfortunate reality is that this will never end, but rather continue to grow. There is simply too much money to be made in drug trafficking and modern day? Capitalism demands a profit no matter what the cost.

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  • 1Sub2Trolls2Dead says:

    Can’t we all just get rid of the drugs and just smoke some damn? weed and all be happy?

  • sam newell says:

    i oughta watch this shit every day to remind myself what i have?

  • Trustin Jesus says:

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