Is a Drug Rehab Program Where They Evangelize You and Incourage Christian Growth Lead to Good Outcomes?

Question by Andy: Is a drug rehab program where they evangelize you and incourage christian growth lead to good outcomes?
My friend is addicted to herroin. I dont have insurance but I saw a drug rehab program at my church where they lead a bible study and teach you to be a jesus follower. Do these programs lead to good outcomes.

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Answer by S
For the past few years heroin overdoses have caused more deaths than traffic accidents. That is one good reason some program should be attempted. Addiction treatment programs that understand the needs of those with an opiate addiction are the best course of action because they help treat both the physical and psychological addiction to heroin. This is accomplished through three core elements of the process -detox (treating the physical addiction), counseling (addressing the psychological component of heroin addiction), and aftercare (which prepares the individual for life after the rehab program is complete).

It is through these programs that individuals are given a chance to break the cycle of heroin addiction and master the tools needed to live a clean and sober life.

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  • Rachel says:

    Drug rehab through the church is one way of finding healing from addiction. You may also check out faith based drug rehab programs such as Faith Farm or Lamb of God (both of which are in South Florida but will give you an idea about faith based programs). Another avenue is to attend a drug treatment center that has a Christian track to address addiction from a biblical perspective.

    My personal preference is the last option which is attending drug treatment with a Christian Track. Here you will learn how to be in the world and remain clean and sober.

    I am attaching other resources of support to find more information about getting help. I hope your friend finds the help they need.

  • olek121LP says:

    drop 1:32?

  • TheRecoveryPlace says:

    Thank you and congrats on your 7+ years. So good to? hear powerful success stories 🙂

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