Internet Addiction Camp


Internet Addiction Camp – Chinese parents are taking extreme measures and sending their “internet addicted” kids to a specialized boot camp. Crazy. Ignore these tags: Addiction Addict…


Most drug arrests don't mirror prescription abuse

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Superior Court Judge Jason Deal heads up the drug court program in Hall County, where some addicts wind up in treatment because of illegal abuse, but prescription drug abusers may be overlooked. “Drug court is designed for people in the legal system,” …
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Food labeling, pot and casinos on Election Day ballots

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Mr. Corry, who has drawn headlines by throwing two joint giveaway events, said the taxes are too high and will result in a “gray market” that will discourage legal marijuana use. Proposition AA calls … In Mr. Cuomo's corner are labor unions and …
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Western Sydney's school of hard knocks

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After falling into truancy, a marijuana addiction and crimes that saw her locked up in juvenile detention, the pretty 20-year-old Fijian is now on path to finish Grade 12. During her time in jail, lead teacher Marilyn Paul or “Maz” as she is …
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