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Indiana addiction center 1-800-839-1682 – Locating an addiction facility to treat any type of substance abuse in Indiana is relatively simple.Call 1-800-839-1682 and visit us http://addictioncenter.n…


Indiana teens charged with homicide met in psychiatric hospital

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Scott's aunt, Shannon Graham, said her nephew was being treated for depression and Schuler for a drug addiction. Schuler had recently been charged with heroin possession. Graham said after the two were released, Scott practically moved in with Schuler …
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Former Ohio Gov and US Rep. John J. Gilligan, Democrat who created state

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As he headed into a campaign for a second term, he claimed a 57 percent increase in state funding for primary and secondary education, a 60 percent boost for mental health, and hefty spending increases for treatment, education, and law enforcement …
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Wave Goodbye: The list of firearm manufacturers fleeing gun control states

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In recent months, several traditionally anti-gun states, and Colorado, have enacted laws that abuse the rights of the average citizen and offend their corporate citizens. The situation has led to an exodus of gun manufacturers to more friendly climes …
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