If You Get the Full Entitlement Package From the Gov?

Question by 60 min man: if you get the full entitlement package from the gov?
what would be the full benefit amount of those programs? max on food stamps, max on welfare checks? we all know you can get housing for free($ 400-$ 600) a month, free cable($ 50) a month, free daycare($ 300-$ 500) a month and there is WIC. and how does that compare to what a person would make working a full time job with about 5-7 hours of overtime each week? now do you see why the ranks of the poor are growing? which would you rather do, given a choice and knowing people generally take the road more traveled, easier you know. thoughts? thanks
agree with the first two but i am more interseted in an average yearly benefit, just trying to gather numbers.

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Answer by Drixnot
60% of the federal poverty level is average for food stamps + cash payments

For a family of 4 that equals about 13k. If a family gets other benefits like housing the cash is cut off.
Cable is NEVER free… phone maybe but never cable.

If they get daycare then they must be working or attending school … and bring in proof every week.

WIC only covers pregnant women and children under 5…. it is a supplemental program.

If you think living on welfare is so great then go ahead and quit your job and try it. My family has been there and done that, its not a good life… its an existence.

With the exception of medical insurance you are always better off with a full time minimum wage job. If you have a sick family member that needs medication then you might be better off staying on welfare.

add – Yes, it is possible to get WIC and daycare along with food stamps and some cash. The ONLY way possible though would be a student. Get bad grades though and they bounce you off the program.

Low income workers could also get WIC and daycare if they are working, but no food stamps or cash.

There is a program that assists with the phone bill, a land line for $ 12 a month (basic service, no long distance)

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