I Don’t Get Addicted to Nicotine but I Get High?

Question by Skeeter: I don’t get addicted to nicotine but I get high?
I chew beach nut wintergreen and smoke menthols every now and then, but I never get addicted I always get a nicotine high from chew… I’m not complaining because getting high from it is great although it doesn’t last long. But I was curious if this is common or some kind of nicotine immunity or some shit.

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Answer by Harrald
Remember first that nicotine is a drug. Cigarette manufacturers do not call it a drug, but it is, and drugs cause addictions. The chiel scientist who heads The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, says one can maintain a habit with just 10 cigrettes a day. If you smoke a pack of cigarettes, try to limit the number to 10 a day then try to reduce one or two extra during the following weeks.

There are two new snuffs that are not tobacco and are flavored with mint to help people who use tobacco to reduce and quit. These snuffs come in the regular-size cans as canned tobacco. There are nicotine patches, gels, creams one can use on their person to reduce nicotine. I smoked for 10 years until I had an ulcer and was ordered by a doctor to quit smoking to heal the ulcer.

Good Luck.

Harrald .

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