How Will a Person Be Able to Find the Right Addiction Treatment Center for Him?

Question by ashli ls: How will a person be able to find the right addiction treatment center for him?
I was just thinking that maybe drug rehabs didn’t work for other people because they got into the wrong place. I have a friend who needs to get treated, and she wants to know how to choose the treatment center that will be right for her. I want to be able to help.

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Answer by debbie d
she or you need to get-information from other people, hospitals,doctors,other people who have been there,plus go there for a day and check place out real good. there are places that only help adults, some others help kids,make some phone calls to trusted people and keep researching, tell your friend good luck and god bless, plus with a friend like you there to help and support, they cant go wrong?

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  • daniella p says:

    There are so many addiction treatment centers and rehab programs that permeate the US today. For a person to be able to find the right one for him, he must first discuss the treatment methods with the staff of the treatment center. That way, he would know what’s in store for him in that center before he makes the choice. Consulting a doctor would be good too, as he will get expert advice. Each treatment center may employ different philosophies and clinical approaches, though a lot base their programs on 12-step programs. Just inquire and choose the environment and treatment methods that you think would be best for your friend. Do remember, however, that recovery is an ongoing process. It continues long after the person is out of rehab and your friend will have to constantly work at it.

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