How to Stop a Drug Addiction?

Question by v3v2mvp: how to stop a drug addiction?
liek its not me but lie ksomeone i knwo and like care about very much has one and liek she/ he doesnt want help form liek a mentaly ill place wiht crazy peokle ( no offence to them) but liek i jsut i NEED THE HELP I CANT LET HER /HIM DIE I WOULDNT ALLOW IT!! NEVER!! HELPPPPP!!!!!!

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Answer by Ashelyn
gradually slow down drug use

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Nowhere to go

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A boarding house or bed-sitting room are often the only options for people in such circumstances, according to community groups who work with people with complex needs. “It's unbelievable the places they end up … It's a recipe for disaster for those …
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'Treatment, not punishment'

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But harm reduction, including methadone maintenance therapy, is evidence-based and will help drug users re-enter the community. Until now the community and families of drug users still believe the only option is to stop using. They don't know that …
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Haslam receives petition asking for veto of bill criminalizing prenatal drug use

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Abuse of prescription painkillers has fueled a tenfold increase in such births in the past decade, sending state health officials into a scramble to study the effects on women and children, the role of doctors and treatment options. The proposed law …
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Lawmakers host drug abuse listening session

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Jennifer Flanagan of Leominster. Flanagan is chair of the Senate Special Committee on Drug Abuse and Treatment Options. A deadline is looming to take action on Beacon Hill. She wants to expand treatment options before the legislature's formal session …
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