How to Become More Disciplined?

Question by Marzy:): How to become more disciplined?
I’m pretty disciplined for a 15 year old, about 2-3 months ago i completely gave up my candy/chocolate addiction, have taken up cross country, and become an exercise freak, and am now in the process of becoming vegetarian for a number of reasons. I want to be more disciplined and have more willpower. How should i become more discipline, and acquire more willpower? Thanks

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Answer by 1Cor143435
1 – Learn to cook. Whole Foods offers many free Saturday seminars if you don’t have an adult learning annex near you. You could take classes with a parent, earning their support of your dietary habits while they’re moony-eyes about spending time with you. They might even pay. Check out the bargain section of your local bookstore (Border’s is cheaper than Barnes & Noble) for vegetarian cookbooks. You’ll have control over meals and a deeper appreciation for what you eat.

2 – Shop at farmer’s markets and affordable groceries like Trader Joe’s. I discovered a cheap international market near my home (Jungle Jim’s in Cincinnati) and wonderful exotic produce like lychees and dragonfruit. Indulge in all the fruit you want to satisfy your sweet tooth. I keep dried apricots in my purse when I snack at work. I keep Mott’s Healthy Harvest Summer Strawberry individual applesauces in my fridge when I get hungry between meals and too lazy to eat something proper. Think of the healthy foods you like and always have those on hand. It might be easier to set aside one day a week to prepare your food so there’s always something when you don’t feel like making a whole thing.

3 – Sign up for a food log. I use because it’s free. I wasn’t overweight, but I had to change my diet for health reasons. Oddly enough I misjudged my diet – as someone who lives on cereal, fruit, and ice cream, I was low in calories and carbohydrates but too high in saturated fat. You might have misjudged your intake too.

4 – Take vitamins. Don’t worry about fancy supplements, just a multivitamin with calcium if you can get it. Like L’il Critters or Centrum.

5 – Don’t think in terms of willpower. You’re being mindful. Celebrate food the right way, and you won’t feel deprived because you won’t be. Almost everything is healthy in moderation, even cheese. (Like fresh mozzarella on tomato slices with basil…) You sound like you have tremendous

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  • \/\/3b | says:

    Focus on one habit you want to change. Any more than that has greater potential to burn you out. From there, do it every day for six months.

    It takes about three weeks for something to become habit, but six months for it to become concrete and reprogram your brain.

    Don’t expect it all to happen at once. Time and patience are the two big factors in achieving anything that matters.

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