How Effective Are Substance Abuse Treatments?

Question by scarlet j: How effective are substance abuse treatments?
I have recently convinced my husband to undergo a substance abuse treatment, and now I am searching for an addiction center that will fit him. But just a few days ago, a friend of mine called me, and said that his son went back to using drugs after two months of abstinence. Now, that gives me doubts if treatment programs can effectively help my husband. Is relapse a normal occurrence? Will I keep my trust on addiction treatment programs?

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Answer by johnny c
Relapse does happen to a lot of recovering addicts, sometimes even earlier than they are expected (if they are at all). It is, however, not just to place doubt on the credibility of substance abuse treatments. In fact, addict patients in this generation should be gratified since they are luckier enough to be served with treatment programs that have a holistic approach to recovery, which older generations must have wished to have.

Though relapse can sometimes appear as a normal occurrence, it can be aptly avoided if a recovering addict pushes efforts to get away from the circumstances, people, or environment from which temptation may arise. This is why post-treatments such as counseling and group meetings are collaboratively helpful to support a recovering addict in his struggles with relapse attempts. The family and friends’ encouragement can’t also be discounted as a great help.

So now, I am hoping for your peace and your husband’s recovery!

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3 Responses to How Effective Are Substance Abuse Treatments?

  • grandpaulm says:

    my son has been in treatment 3 times it wont help unless they want it

  • the listener says:

    Addiction is a chronic progressive disease. As with all chronic progressive diseases relapse is part of the illness.
    A good predictor of ongoing recovery is:
    1. Personal commitment to remaining clean and sober.
    2. Working a daily program of recovery.
    3. Time – length of abstinence
    4. Gainful employment.
    There are some medications that will help, especially in early recovery. Programs that understand and teach the elements of the neurobiology of addiction are more likely to be the most current.

  • jdphd says:

    it’s a complicated answer because some treatment programs are effective for some people. it’s really good that you and your husband are trying to find a facility that will best meet him and his needs. it’s also important that your husband is doing this willingly because treatment is most effective when the patient actually wants to get better. also, it is very common for relapses to occur after inpatient treatment. sometimes this happens because people think that treatment ends after they leave the hospital. that is only the beginning of treatment; after leaving inpatient, it’s so incredibly important to have continued outpatient support in order to most effectively prevent relapses.

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