How Do I Find the Perfect Addiction Treatment Center for My Boyfriend Who’s a Drug Addict?

Question by Belinda B: How do I find the perfect addiction treatment center for my boyfriend who’s a drug addict?
My boyfriend is a drug addict. He started taking drugs when he lost his job in an advertising firm, which he loves to pieces. I can’t really blame him you know, but I don’t want him to get harmed either. I have been trying to urge him to go to an addiction treatment center but to no avail.

Recently however, we found out that I’m pregnant, and we’re gonna be parents soon. This sort of changed his outlook; he told me he doesn’t want our child to have a father who’s a drug addict. So now we’re looking for an addiction treatment center to help him out. Got any ideas?

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Answer by dragonludovic
Losing a job is a bad excuse to take drugs, what about the love for you. make sure your baby is not addicted too. He can stop if he wants will power is the key. Don’t listen to his excuses, people on drugs are full of them I know my friend die from heroine abuse………….

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  • justanotherengine says:

    he’s got to dig down deep inside himself, REALLY DEEP, If he stops taking drugs, and does some excersice a strange thing happens, YOU GET SMART, really, you do, when the body gets into shape, the mind all of a sudden gets “Sharp”, the drive comes back, NOW GET OUT THERE !

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