How Do I Convince My Parents to Let Me Model?

Question by Daphne: How do I convince my parents to let me model?
I am a 17 year old girl. I just completed high school and I am sure that I want to become a model.I fit all the physical requirements and am photogenic and I am mentally prepared for it. I speak 5 languages, I handle social situations well and I basically live for fashion. My parents however do not support the idea. At All. I want to participate in the Elite Model Look this year and I am not 18 so I will need their approval.

moreover, my Mom thinks that modelling is a ‘low( drug abuse, scams)’ and short lived profession. Without sounding conceited,just to make the picture clear, I think she knows I have the potential to stay in the business till I am in my forties but says it isn’t a respectable job.

How can I convince her that I can quit going to college and focus on my modelling career instead. I know its a tough business with tedious hours and lots of competition; I know that I will be rejected many times, regardless of how pretty or tall or graceful I might be. But I still stand a chance, because I am really hard-working and serious?This is what I wanted since I was 7.

Thanks for answering and taking the time to read. 🙂
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Answer by LALALALA!
I think you can tell them to be more supportive. And tell them that you can balance everything.. Lastly, PROVE that you wiill be something they will be proud of someday.

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21 Responses to How Do I Convince My Parents to Let Me Model?

  • Kittysue says:

    Make a deal with them to let you have one year to pursue this. If you are not earning $ 200,000 a year by the end of your first year, then tell them you will quit modeling and go back to school.

  • marcel marso says:


  • Carl Hendershot says:

    That is very true but? it is better if you deter a person from using anything period. The only person I have to judge is myself. I too have a much longer history than that of yours and therefore can share how I feel. You are right, it is not a competition or for bragging rights. I am happy you have quit using meth and now hope you are strong enough to quit spice. I hope you continue sharing your story with others in a way that will help them make the right decisions in life.

  • Eric Wicken says:

    i have been smoking spice in excess of 6 years and before that i was addicted to meth for 5 years and i can tell you meth is harder on the body and the mind. spice is what we in the drug? culture call ginger beer. you have no clue what you speak of. this is not a brag session nor am i trying to put anyone down just setting the record straight spice with all drugs are a danger to the people who do them there is no doubt. its the fact that we want to do these things and know the risks dont judge.

  • SKEED LOC says:

    Ya, I? think you’re right.

  • mryjn420090 says:

    I mean? meth

  • mryjn420090 says:

    I was looking for effects of K2 my bad clearly this is herion?

  • SKEED LOC says:

    How? so?

  • SKEED LOC says:

    Bath salts are a synthetic drug just like spice.?

  • mryjn420090 says:

    kinda misleading? title

  • VampireSoul1217 says:

    crystal meth?

  • bjdauph says:

    This is not from? spice. That looks like bath salt abuse

  • Diteke Johnson says:

    i gotta say i love fucking spice…….. if i had a choice to pick how? i would die…… i would pick overdosing on spice

  • Carl Hendershot says:

    Look? up the definition of synthetic

  • Carl Hendershot says:

    Let me pack? you a bowl… I promise a trip you will not come back from…

  • Carl Hendershot says:

    LOL? a have a few photos of friends I could share of what a year on spice does.. Makes meth look like childs play..

  • Carl Hendershot says:

    Patricia was using a lot longer than 3 years.? Try about 15

  • paintedeyelids says:

    1:55 terre haute indiana everyday?

  • Nhut M Nhan says:

    wtf do you think meth is. Its? a synthetic drug…..

  • Jessica Patterson says:

    it says synthetic…not spice…its obviously not spice? – but still, correct tag..

  • Alex Wirt says:

    & that’s meth not spice?

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