How Can We Improve UK Drug and Alcohol Policy?


How Can We Improve UK Drug and Alcohol Policy? – Speaker(s): Professor David Nutt Chair: Professor Craig Calhoun Recorded on 5 December 2012 in Old Theatre, Old Building. David Nutt will reflect on his ten …


Coalition focuses on prevention of underage drinking and substance abuse

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How they come across them, and what long term effects of both drinking and drug use will have on our youth. In a 2012 study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention on high school students' grades 9-12, 21.2 percent of the students drank …
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Lisa Robin Kelly's Death A 'Mystery': No Drugs Or Alcohol Involved

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Lisa, 43, died in her sleep Aug. 14 at a California rehab facility after being admitted for alcohol abuse. However, there were no drugs or alcohol found in her system at the time of her passing, according to a new report. Fans were shocked by Lisa …
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Alcohol dependence and bulimia may share common genetic risk factors

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In a study published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, researchers found that common genetic factors may underlie both alcoholism and specific symptoms of eating disorders – most notably, the binge eating and purging habits associated …
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11 Responses to How Can We Improve UK Drug and Alcohol Policy?

  • FreemanStephen says:

    Even if drugs alone could cause psychosis, its only in the industrial age of mass produced human personalities that the “symptoms” of psychosis are considered? a “disorder”. This is a state of consciousness I would like to achieve but only temporarily because I do not deny the harm that over controlled society does to those who suffer from control freak society rather than some monolaterally declared “disorder”.

  • sunyavadin says:

    Nutcase at 1:03 fails on every aspect of his hysterical, uneducated rant, and Nutt schools? him like a boss.

  • Paul Macmanus says:

    I’m skeptical of? how provable that is

  • SkepticalChimp says:

    But an individual wouldn’t attain psychosis directly? from a psychedelic drug unless it worked as a catalyst from a pre-existing mental disorder.

  • stoo234 says:

    A reception after….with free wine?…i hope he’s joking…see the? problem yet…

  • Paul Macmanus says:

    He? makes some good points but equating being stoned with being psychotic is beyond ignorance and strikes me as disingenuous,he should pull his head out of the statistics and talk to some mental health professionals or better yet people who have suffered cannabis psychosis,he acts as if its some fanciful lie when it is very real as is ecstacy,psilocybin.. psychosis,his mortality statistics leave out the longterm mental health problems illegal drugs can cause.

  • oneleftshoe21 says:

    The? truth makes sense.

  • Bruce Forsyth says:

    i wanna get high with this? guy

  • AeolisticFury says:

    Starts? at 3:54.

  • superquintendo says:

    what? a hero

  • Instrumentals4Sale says:

    also Scottish Licencing has been (since around 2006? I think) as follows …No alchohol may be sold after 10PM or before 10AM, no alchohol may be sold before 12PM on sunday. This is acompanied by the law that procecuites any cashier etc that sells alchohol to a known alchoholic (while already under the influnce of alchohol). – The idea that someone can walk in to a supermarket and get sold anything containing alchohol at 7am is sheer nonsense the 80s yes maybe, 70s definately .. in 2012 NO

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