How Can I Get Treatment for Drug Dependency?

Question by Big Bob: How can I get treatment for drug dependency?
Hi. I was just weighing my options for how to deal with my drug problem. I work random 1st and 2nd shifts so inpatient rehab is out of the question, and because of the 1st and 2nd shift switching I couldn’t make every intensive outpatient meeting. I am not quite sure how to handle this. It is very hard for me to just stop using drugs by myself. I would probably go to rehab but I just started this new job I went to school for. Is there any other ways I can get help?

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Some people find N.A. meetings helpful. They are scheduled around your area at hourly times. You could google to find some in your area, then when you get to it pick up a meeting list physically and you will have all the meetings in the area. Just make sure to talk and get involved. But be aware and cautious.

Rehab is honestly worthless, I had been to 4. They will gladly take your money and keep you for x-amount of days talking about feelings and what not. Truth is, they don’t give you a magic pill or anything outstanding other than a “toolbox” What are you going to do? Stop in a situation and tell everyone “Hold on I need to reach into my imaginary toolbox, let me just stop and meditate here”
No you are not, Rehab is a for profit business and if you resort to their babyish methods you will
relapse time and time again and return. The only thing you really get when you leave rehab is a
support group of high risk people, and an AA/NA “big” book.

Well you can save a whole lot of money by just buying the book and going to meetings
and developing a support group on your own.

And honestly the biggest factor in stopping to use drugs starts with YOU. You have to just
not want to do drugs anymore. You have to decide that you need to tell certain people
“Hey.. it’s been a blast but I can’t do this to myself anymore, because I don’t want to.”
And be wary because people will guilt trip you or unintentionally try to bring you down.
But the most important factor is without a doubt, yourself.

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