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Help save lives from drug abuse and addiction – Narconon – Addiction is about GOOD PEOPLE who LOSE CONTROL. We have been creating drug-free lives for 48 years. Help save a life by referring someone to us, or get help…


Drug funds — Settlement will help Tazewell

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Lee also is hoping to use some of the money to conduct drug-abuse prevention work in different communities across Tazewell County to help those individuals who are suffering from the chains of drug addiction. Lee also is checking to see if the funding …
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If things are as bad as they sound, I hope Lamar finally does accept some help. Man, this job is tough when you can't snark! TELL US-DO YOU THINK THE KARDASHIAN FAMILY IS FLOODING THE MEDIA WITH TALES OF LAMAR'S DRUG ABUSE?
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Meth drug makers lure children in Thailand with sweet-coated yaba pills

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"Yaba [producers] are trying to change their product to meet the demands [of] targeted groups," Dr Viroj Verachai, of the Princess Mother National Institute on Drug Abuse Treatment, recently told the English-language daily The Nation. "These flavours …
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