Gambling Addiction


Gambling addiction – Jake realised that he had a gambling problem at the age of 32. In this video he describes the mental, physical and financial strains the addiction placed on …


Owner of new Eaton Rapids bait shop turns his life around to give back

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Victor Pennell (pictured with wife Rachel, son Victor and daughter Torri) overcame a life of drug addiction and crime to become one of the newest small business owners in Eaton Rapids, where he drew up. Big Daddies Bait N … On Big Daddies' Facebook …
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AG celebrates new tool to stop "doctor-shopping" addicts, but pharmacists

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The attorney general on Tuesday called pharmacies the first line of defense in the battle against prescription drug addiction, since they will be the first entities to challenge possibly addicted customers. “I have a camera right behind us,” said …
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Program would attack substance abuse through workplace

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Schoenhofer said he hopes businesses embrace the idea because it will help their bottom line: An employee with a substance abuse issue costs an employer $ 7,000 a year. The mental health board is contracting with Working Partners, a firm that bridges …
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13 Responses to Gambling Addiction

  • PS4SHOW says:

    More? vids

  • Hawaii Island Recovery says:

    Gambling addiction is just? like being hooked on drugs too. It takes control over your life until you realized you have nothing left. No family, no friends, no money, no work. Seek help while it is not too late.

  • barabus quin says:

    Seems to? be the same story for most people or those who will admit their loses.
    Short term wins that are eventually reabsorbed back in to the gambling dens as continued play eventually extracts any wins and more of your money .
    These establishments know this and they count on addiction to fuel their empires.
    Government are the enablers and partners in this what I call criminal behavior.

  • sicoy says:

    how are you ? i been crazed about gambling as well, tried to quit so many times, but when it hit me, it hit hard….so hard that everytime i stopped (no more $ left) i? fell so worthless

  • Corey Shader says:

    I wish you? all the best in your recovery.

  • Dupe16118 says:

    lol is? that it? i lost that in 10 seconds

  • LoveMEsumLISSA says:

    The right time to try and quit is immediately? even if you have had huge losses. Going back to try and recoup what you lost can cause you to lose even more.

  • TheRedCoke says:

    shame I have the money to waste like water, 10k lol? I put £1,000 bets on the table at a time

  • qasim khan says:

    every time i promise myself its my lost game after i lose, but as soon i have money i cant control myself to not gamble, i lost everything,,, i watched this video before but didn’t help me to stop…. i will try my best to not gamble anymore,, my friends are successful in their own way…? but my life has no direction…. thank you gays for sharing your feeling

  • swerob00 says:

    Iv lost £60 in? 2 weeks I’m gutted 🙁

  • Damp2 says:

    Some people thinks I got a gambling problem I don’t think I do. I go to bingo 2-4 times a week when I got time. I got a job so that is mostly my first proprity to make money beside of loosing money. Every time I go to bingo I spend my money little by little. Usually I spend to $60-$100 a week on bingo in total not all in once. Each game pays you $100. As I remember I spend $306 the lst 3 weeks but I won lst nite it help me alot to recover a little & $206 is still in the drain sadly.?

  • Colin Jackson says:

    How did this guy change? his behaviour

  • sonbridges29 says:

    I’ve lost over £2000 in the past couple of? years and although that’s not a life damaging amount it’s not healthy, your dopamine and adrenaline levels fluctuate incredibly during a bet, similair to cocaine.
    Besides, the fact of the matter is bookmakers are there to make a book of odds that benefit the company. Punters don’t really stand a chance from the start.

    I’m going to try my hardest to stop.

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