Drug Addicts’ Road to Recovery – Full Interview


Drug addicts’ road to recovery – full interview – In a rare, and brutally honest interview, two recovering drug addicts have opened up to Ten’s Georgi Glover, as they get their lives back on track with the h…


Recovering drug, alcohol addicts from Guiding Light Mission to live in

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Two men will live in each of four 2-bedroom, 1-bath apartments after completing Guiding Light's addiction recovery program that includes things like counseling and Bible study and takes on average 242 days to complete. People chosen to live at Iron …
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Utah Drug Addiction Treatment Center Announces Uncovery Campaign

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Each month of the campaign will focus on a single stage in the recovery process including signs of addiction and preventative measures, enabling and how to get help, detox, treatment and rehabilitation, post-treatment, and a campaign summary that puts …
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Grangetown man jailed after Kinder Egg was used to hide £246 of cocaine

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Officers went back to the car and recovered a Kinder Egg containing crack cocaine worth £248. The court … His barrister Richard Bennett said McElvaney's life had gone into a “sad spiral” and he had ended up having to deal drugs to pay for his own …
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