Do You Think Capital Punishment Is Right?

Question by missy121: Do you think capital punishment is right?
Why or why not? And what do you think of the DC sniper being executed in November?

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Answer by patchouli4279
If a jury of your peers whom unanimously agree that you are guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt and that your actions are irredeemable in the eyes of society. Then yes, I do support capital punishment.

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Katie Beck hopes to attend “The Business of Yoga Conference – How teaching yoga serves the greater good in my community of Ormond Beach, FL. I am a recovering addict, and I help others heal from addiction through yoga. …


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23 Responses to Do You Think Capital Punishment Is Right?

  • Entropy says:

    I have mixed feelings, but on balance, I would prefer to end capital punishment. I definitely think some states should ‘fix’ their system because way to many folks have made it to death row, and been quite close to execution, and found to be innocent. Some say that shows the system is working, but if the system is BARELY working, how many times has it failed when you haven’t noticed?

    I am not convinced that the death penalty has much deterrent effect. Liberals love to say the deterrent has been disproven, but those studies contrasted states with vs those without, and there are WAY more policies and cultural differences at work than just capital punishment. I remember reading about a study that instead compared states where the legality of capital punishment changed and comparing the before & after. Still not perfect methodology, but certainly better. My vague memory is that it was more favorable to the death penalty lobby, but I can’t recall specifics.

    But that isn’t central to my thinking anyway. Given that I am a libertarian and am distrustful both of government’s motives and competence, I cannot accept giving the government the power to END ME. I am not a conspiratorial person, but DA’s try to withhold exonerating evidence from juries and defense counsels at times. it’s illegal and they can get disbarred for it, but it still happens. When such errors occur, is it not prefereable that Life in Prison was the mistake since it can be undone (at least partly)?

    I think the capital punishment advocate would say that you’re trusting the JURY OF YOUR PEERS, not the government. See above re: prosecutors. The fact is that a jury only sees part of the picture and is FAR from infallible even if they are interested in justice. See the juries from the south during Jim Crow when KKK murderers were let off (jury nullification).

    So I cannot entrust a flawed government with the ultimate punishment.


    L.Poole. luv your video. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Youre not alone.? Stay strong

  • Allison Erbach says:

    That’s? nice and all, but glad you doing well with your recovering, you need to share more details, like location and what kind of yoga exercises you do.

  • Jerome Morgenstern says:

    what a joy to share that which has enabled her to get things right.? I do not do yoga but if it helps then it should be used for the betterment of others. jmo

  • agena williams says:

    Good? luck on the conference..

  • agena williams says:

    Good luck? on the conference..

  • ???? ??????? says:

    nice )?

  • TheStitchmom says:

    Good luck Katie! Great video from the heart. I think you will really connect with people and be able to help them find a better path? in life. Take care.

  • Renee Wilson says:

    Hi Pamela,
    I think it is great to give back freely, what was freely given to you. You have a good concept! Some may not want? to do Yoga, but perhaps you can begin to consider Dance or a walking group! Just a thought!
    Best to you One day at a time Sis!
    Been there!

  • tippy69100 says:

    seem like a decent altruistic? girl.I hope nobody casts judgement on you.Everyone is addicted to something.Some people are addicted to judging others.Screw them!

  • concreteangell87 says:

    Hi Katie! I hope you WIN and good luck to you on excelling in this! Overcoming is? one of the best parts of recovery of any addiction!!!! You should be very proud!! Thumbs Up and One Day,One Hour,One Moment at a Time 🙂

  • Lillian Palmer says:

    That’s? paying it forward. Congrats to you on your recovery. I hope you make it to the conference!

  • Katie Beck says:

    Hi Pamela, I currently teach in my community, the Daytona Beach area, at treatment centers, and at a local studio that allows? me to offer free classes. Thanks for your response 🙂

  • Katie Beck says:

    Thank you! Thank you all for the support and love 🙂 it means so much to me?

  • Katie Beck says:

    I am in Ormond Beach, FL 🙂

  • Patricia Kastenholz says:

    Good Luck attending the conference and? teaching people yoga

  • pritam kumar paul says:

    I hope you will be able? to attend the conference and a great success.

  • ginny5555 says:

    Hope it all works? out for you.

  • cardramater says:

    you will do a good job have fun at the? conference

  • Susan Pasch says:

    What a great program, I? hope you will be able to attend the conference.

  • raymondlcm Men says:

    great? performance..

  • Fylysc Ah says:

    Explain in? great detail, I like her.

  • 7BoomerE7 says:

    Katie seems so sweet – I? certainly wish the best for her

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