Cocaine in the Human Brain


Cocaine in the human brain – A look at the effect of cocaine in the brain and a physiological explanation for chemical addiction and withdrawal.


New Opioid Drug Developed for Pain Relief

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As people who take opioid painkillers to manage their chronic pain grow tolerant to the drugs, they can develop side effects like constipation, nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and addiction. While the researchers did not touch on the subject of addiction …
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Death by Detoxification

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Because most of these individuals will receive no medications to treat their addiction, this treatment approach is called "drug-free," which too often means "medication-free." It resonates with a longstanding tradition, the abstinence-based model …
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OASI backs Children's Commissioner in proposing raising the drinking age to 18

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The OASI Foundation already in 1991, in the very beginning of its mission, viewed and considered alcohol as a mood altering substance with addictive properties and hazardous effects. OASI had then already embarked on various initiatives to draw the …
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21 Responses to Cocaine in the Human Brain

  • Ksenia Donis says:

    “brain cells cannot regenerate or be? recreated”
    how about you read biology textbooks…it will help..

  • Sai Naresh Kumar says:

    Psychedelics deal with Serotonin and DMT with MAOI’s in the same way !?

  • Sai Naresh Kumar says:

    Tell this to CHARLIE SHEEN lol :D?

  • Waleed Dreegia says:

    Dopamine is stimulant. Gives your a rush exhilaration an up feeling. Serotonin is more calming and relaxing. Someone on pure mdma is? in a relaxed state of euphoria on cocaine sped up with lots of energy

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  • bradley cooper says:

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  • Lorieat Jones says:


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  • Morn Wood says:

    You idiots all drugs do this to you, weed included. The only reason people do it is because it makes you feel good. This explains why it does, dopamine is produced and without it you will not be? sane. None of the receptors grow back as brain cells cannot regenerate or be recreated. TLDR; your fucked if you have an addiction

  • ApeMecha says:

    why are you? yelling?

  • Yourlovingshaman says:

    A cheaper alternative to Cocaine?? Depending on a modest amount of icecream .

  • thecaveoawesomeness says:

    Then you had a great night.?

  • Doyle Raizner says:

    This makes physiological addiction very easy to understand. This same process seems to be in place in? some other drugs as well.

  • rouncer81 says:

    thanks for the? quack lesson captain genius.

  • Woody G. says:

    dopamine? is released before rewarding behaviors

    search: dopamine jackpot sapolsky

  • Jamez Townsend says:

    what if i eat ice cream while snorting some coke off of a? lady i’m having sex with?

  • valentin serra says:

    I think this argument against drugs is kinda repetitive. The more you do something you enjoy, the less it will have any effect on you. This isn’t a drug related effect, anything that you perform alot does? that.

  • Parker Trelka says:

    To really think about the long term effects of drugs, really makes you not want to do? them.

  • mahdds says:

    I find it interesting that once you have cocaine, the number of your dopamine receptors decrease. Also once that? happens you don’t enjoy things as much.

  • TheDJkarsy says:

    well they say that eating chocolate after/during sex makes the experience a lot better (I think only for girls though… :/) but yeah go? ahead and try it lol

  • LemonZeppelin says:

    Cocaine is simultaneously the best and worst thing? in the world.

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