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Cocaine Addiction Treatments – Visit – or call 1-800-839-1682 if you or a loved one is struggling with Cocaine Addiction Treatments, and our counselor…


If You Think 'The Wolf of Wall Street' Jordan Belfort Has Learned His Lesson

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He would do cocaine to pick himself up and the Quaaludes would put him into a real stupor." … After former trader Sam Polk recent wrote in the New York Times about his addiction to money, Falguni A. Sheth made a solid point in Salon: "The issue that …
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Diddo sculpts human skull from cocaine

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Ecce Animal is intended to provoke the viewer's thoughts about the human nature, without glamorising drug addiction or warning against it. It has been meticulously crafted and is made of a concoction of gelatin, cocaine, phenacetin, caffeine …
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Three Calgary Men Charged In Multi Million-Dollar Smuggling And Trafficking Ring

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Officials say the investigation began in Nevada in October 2012 when a traffic stop found 45 kilograms of cocaine packaged in vacuum-sealed bundles in a hidden compartment beneath a pickup truck. Investigators believe the suspects are behind the drug …
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