Can Doing a Lot of Drugs Effect My Singing Abilities?

Question by Penny C: can doing a lot of drugs effect my singing abilities?
I’ve been into the whole ‘drug scene’ for a while now and have noticed my lack of motivation, and also my voice has weakened. I can’t hit certain pitches like I used to. Though, I really haven’t been stretching my voice either. I rarely practice any more. My question is: If I quit the drugs (or keep them as a rarity) and practice singing more will my voice strengthen?

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Answer by Kira Chan
I think u should drop drugs period,
No drugs at all.
Itll keep u alive,perhaps help the voice.

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14 Responses to Can Doing a Lot of Drugs Effect My Singing Abilities?

  • jack d says:

    u dont have to quit drugs, just practice more

    the drugs may inspire some new lyrics

    however, i DO advise you to quit, because the drugs affect u in other areas of ur life negatively.

  • mallo says:

    i can’t explain what a strain drugs are on the whole body. it’s hard to say what’s going on not knowing you or what drugs or how often or anything like that. start singing and realize that might get you somewhere but drugs won’t

  • J D says:

    why do u want to do drugs?i never got that,look at people who do drugs. then why would you want to do that?

  • sdubm says:

    there is only one way to find out, stop! why do you like wasting your life like that anyway! you should have never started.

    if its weed or something you inhale, i say it may not come back because weed is like cigarettes, in the sense that they both cause smokers cough.

    i hope you get off whatever crap your using!

  • X Y says:

    That would depend upon what the drugs you’re using are. I suggest you stop entirely, as they can sap your motivation and that can negatively affect any kind of career you pursue.

  • globalchaosguitar says:

    Marijuana was legalized then president Nixon pushed under the illgeal drug act in the 60’s 70’s because he disliked hippies and their drug of choice was bud. Then congress said it was legal but you had to get a card in order to do so you had to go to the 5-0 station with all your bud and show them thus getting you thrown in jail for illegal possession of marijuana. Fuck the government and their lies and legalize? it to help the fucking country you continue to fuck up and put in debt.

  • WeAskThePeople says:


  • moodeyes67 says:

    marajuana? became illegal in 1937

  • MIB205 says:

    the white house can? go f themselves

  • 04indianajones says:

    Our government is a JOKE every one needs to stop? listening to them and taking them serious ….. Small GOV Ron PAul 2012

  • Bigsteelguy3 says:

    Yes keyword Maybe

    I know mostly what i’m talking about, i’ve been on youtube since 2007 and have done heavy research in those? years. I’ve been in support for the Legalizing of Marijuana for a long time now.

  • ConnorLikesBread says:

    thank you for saying maybe help the economy your not one of those ignorant people who say it? would get america out of debt.. it just makes us all sound retarded. if you dont know what your talking about dont talk.

  • Karlemids says:

    noone has EVER died from using Marijuana, not a single person..
    it’s true, Marijuana potency? has more than tripled over the past 40 years, but thats only because its not regulated, which it would be if it were legal.
    how many millions of souls have been lost due to ‘regulated’ tobacco & alcohol related diseases…

  • WeAskThePeople says:

    no regulations , no taxes , no prisons , no DEA SWAT raids.

    >>>>>>>>>>NO PROHIBITION <<<<<<<<<<<< NO GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION ! ? nick off OBAMA. ! FREEDOM & HUMAN? RIGHTS. No compromise. GO the TOMATO MODEL. ... free to GROW & USE as we DECIDE..

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