California Rehab Program Rife With Fraud


California rehab program rife with fraud – A year-long investigation by CNN and the C.I.R. finds widespread fraud in America’s largest Medicaid program.


GOP senators plan to prevent special treatment for Congress under Obamacare

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“If Obamacare is good enough for the American people, it should be good enough for Congress, the President and Vice President, and other policy makers in Washington,” Enzi said in a statement. The pair's legislation would require all members of …
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Tor usage doubles since NSA PRISM scandal

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Internet users concerned about their privacy have increased their usage of the anonymous online network Tor since former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden first revealed the NSA's Internet surveillance program. Tor, developed by the …
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7 Responses to California Rehab Program Rife With Fraud

  • serenity seeker says:

    addicts are criminally? insane assholes. jail them all.

  • Q69573 says:

    This story embodies what MSM is SUPPOSED to do. protect the taxpayer, expose fraud and prosecute? thieves who are siphoning taxpayer dollars illegally. I am very impressed with Anderson cooper and his investigative staff.

    I can only hope they continue with this trend and end the crony capitalism relationship between media and state once and for all.

    Break boundaries and protect the ordinary citizen from scams like these and you will go far. Mr. Cooper. Fantastic story and reporting . BZ.

  • Double Negative says:

    They couldn’t? find drug addicts in Southern California that need treatment? Something doesn’t add up here. Sorry, couldn’t resist…

  • Bill Kunert says:

    five dollar weed??

  • Hudahead says:

    I wonder if able family sevices is connected to? able temp employment services!?.

  • Peter Nicolaou says:

    haha nigga driving a Mercedes lol ?

  • madmaxonliner says:

    Expose? these fuckers!

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