Are There Any Low Cost Drug Rehabs in Manor, Texas? How Will I Find One?

Question by alexsandra nw: Are there any low cost drug rehabs in Manor, Texas? How will I find one?
I’m really plumb out of money, but I have to take my husband to a drug rehab. He started doing drugs recently after his friend had asked him to try it. He thought he could get off of it easily. But it turns out that he can’t handle the withdrawal symptoms. He’s even changed too. We both want him to go back to the way he was before. Drug rehab treatments are costly, though, so how do we find one that we can afford?

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Answer by christiana ta
You can apply for a grant from the government. You can also call and get in touch with various drug rehabs and ask them if they would be willing to give you a discount or let you pay the bills at a later date. I heard that there are also some drug rehabs that allow the patient to work there and they will take a portion off the price you have to pay. Calling 800-559-9503 may be able to help. They know about drug rehabs and may give you a few suggestions. I’ll keep your family in my prayers.

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