Are There Any Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Pismo Beach?

Question by kimmy: Are there any drug rehabilitation centers in Pismo Beach?
Does anybody know if I can find a drug rehabilitation center here in Pismo Beach? My friend Gayle really needs to know. She convinced her boyfriend Elton to enter a rehab to deal with his heroin problem. He’s been secretly addicted to it for about a year and now he wants to stop. Gayle made him choose between her and the heroin. Elton chose Gayle so now he has to say bye-bye to his old friend heroin. Please help. Thanks.

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Answer by danny
It’s a good thing that he chose your friend. It will be really foolish of him to chose a drug over a girl. Visit the links I’ve posted below to see the list of drug rehabilitation and addiction treatment centers in California. I think my sources can help you.

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