Are There Any Addiction Treatment Programs Offered in Owyhee?

Question by Tommy: Are there any addiction treatment programs offered in Owyhee?
I’m from Owyhee, Nevada and I’m wondering if there are any addiction treatment programs around the area. I need to suggest a program to help my friend Zach get over his addiction with cocaine. Thank you for the help.

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Answer by lito lapid
You’re such a good friend. Keep supporting your Zach regarding his battle with cocaine addiction. I think there are treatment programs almost everywhere so there’s probably one near Owyhee. I found this site containing a list of rehab facilities which offer treatment programs. You should check it out. Good luck to the both of you.

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STEP2 in Reno, Nevada – Private non-profit, STEP2 is located in Reno, Nevada. This treatment program is the only program in Northern Nevada and one of few in the country that accomm…


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