Any Drug Treatment Programs in Auburn Hills, Michigan That Make Use of Buprenorphine Instead of Methadone?

Question by arriana dn: Any drug treatment programs in Auburn Hills, Michigan that make use of buprenorphine instead of methadone?
I just read somewhere that it only takes one injection of buprenorphine and that’s enough to last for 6 weeks. The article also stated that buprenorphine is an appealing alternative to methadone. My sister is about to undergo drug treatment, and I just wanted to know if there are any drug treatment programs in Auburn Hills that make use of this drug.

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Answer by bridget b
I’m not familiar with the drug treatment programs in Auburn Hills. A good way to know would be to ask your doctor or healthcare provider. You could also look through the phone directory to know the contact numbers of the drug treatment centers in your area so you can inquire about the methods they implement and the drugs they use.

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