All About My Unhealthy Shopping Addiction!!!!!


All About my Unhealthy Shopping Addiction!!!!! – OPEN ME since I’ve been doing alot of hauling, I figured I might want to explain myself a little. hope this helps anyone else who truly has a shopping ad…


I've got 125 pairs of shoes and I haven't worn half of them!

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My waist size may go up and down, making clothes shopping thoroughly depressing at times. But my feet? They're a constant. Size seven always fits. … And it seems I've tainted them with my addiction. Fourteen-year-old Max saves in earnest to buy Fred …


Fresno crews begin sweep of downtown homeless camps

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Jones said “drugs and addiction” landed him in the encampment. A woman who identified … Rudd said officials from the Fresno Housing Authority will be at the Poverello House on Wednesday to help the homeless get a solid roof over their heads. The …
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'Carla will always be forever in our hearts'

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A heroin user since she was 17, Mrs Temel had sought help for her drugs use and enrolled on methadone programmes a number of times. Her mother, Bernadette Davies, also of … She said she thought Mrs Temel – who was known by her maiden name of Davies …
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13 Responses to All About My Unhealthy Shopping Addiction!!!!!

  • kristy white says:

    so i so want to hang out with you u have an incredible sence of style and? i have old hand me down clothes that dont fit its so sad and i cant even buy eyeliner cause im so broke i feel terrible about the way i look

  • sami saucy says:


  • Neon Stegasaurous says:

    u talk fast like? me.

  • simon schendel says:

    prices prices prices and health.
    1 don’t be big and don’t be fat also don’t be too thin!
    2 only eat shit food because you need a small dose of that in your diet daily!
    3 go to the dentist and go to the groovy doctor and? if your doctor is not groovy then get another, gp i don’t know what the g in gp stands for but i am not a dictionary and i don’t want to be one anyway and so groovy doctor go there!

  • teallaidh says:


  • punkydoodledandy says:

    You should try swapping some of your shopping addiction excess. You can still do hauls of the new to you stuff and it helps cut down on the clutter of stuff you? don’t wear anymore. Rehash is my favorite swapping site but I think they have local swap parties too.

  • John Arredondo says:

    sorry i said? had i meant had don’t take it the wrong way

  • John Arredondo says:

    you had a? very good set of parents

  • John Arredondo says:

    this is? a good video but u made other videos about obama and how u don’t agree with him explain to me who got you out of debt c

  • Ashley Hayden says:

    Do? a closet haul!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna Schoepp says:

    Just? shoplift its easy

  • Anna Evirdeen says:

    I love your hair you should do a? tutorial on how to do that hair style

  • Lauren K says:


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