A Digital Citizens Alliance Report: “No Prescription; No Problem.”


A Digital Citizens Alliance Report: “No prescription; no problem.” – Find out just how easy it was for a teenager working with Digital Citizens Alliance to buy illegal prescription drugs online without a prescription. What ste…


County in final year of grant to curb binge drinking

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"Also, being part of Jackson Recovery helps because we do have a lot of interested parents who want to know more information on drug use and alcohol in general," he said. Those wishing to join the local coalition or contact Maffit for further …
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Latin America Builds Momentum Against US-Backed Drug War

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Perez Molina openly praised the "visionary decision" of the citizens of the U.S. states of Colorado and Washington to legalize marijuana, and heralded "the example set by [Uruguayan] president Jose Mujica in proposing legislation that regulates the …
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5 Responses to A Digital Citizens Alliance Report: “No Prescription; No Problem.”

  • rsv1336 says:

    bullshit!!!!! stop pushing your bullshit propaganda!!!!! control this, control that… what will you people do when everything is controlled? when these liars are successful with their agenda all to censor the internet…. info wars . com

  • Charles Gervasi says:

    What steps am I taking to protect my children from the perils of the world? Countless. And I can’t guarantee they’ll avoid drug abuse or other mistakes arising from human frailties. None of the steps involve writing to Washington asking them for increased law enforcement to deal with my kids. That job belongs to my family, our friends, and ultimately our children who eventually need to learn to live without a leviathan in the form of me or a police state making their every choice.?

  • Leo Deemwood says:

    thesilkroad, only war to? get things online safe

  • ledzeppeman says:

    dear god? show me where to find this stuff.


    Fake, No way this? is real.

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