Was Anyone Here Put Into a Drug Rehab as a Teenager?

Question by thatmelissachick: Was anyone here put into a drug rehab as a teenager?
I was wondering if anyone here was ever placed in a drug treatment clinic when they were a teenager. If so, do you think that the experience was helpful or harmful or neither? Did the experience change your life in any way that is tangible today? Be honest and try not to cuss. Have an awesome day!
Love, Melissa

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Answer by robnchris96
Rehab is for Quiters!!

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7 Responses to Was Anyone Here Put Into a Drug Rehab as a Teenager?

  • monkseeker44 says:

    I’ll kick things off by saying that i wasn’t.

  • Daisy says:

    Fortunatly i havn’t
    but i know that Drew Barrymore
    went into rehab at the age of 12 =O
    i know shocking right, thats just a child

  • FELIKS D. says:

    I was. And it didn’t do anything. Someone, or someplace else cannot chage a persons actions. Only the person can DECIDE on their own to change their behavior. It wasn’t bad. If you or someone you know has to go, it’s a good thing. Tell them to keep an open mind. Best wishes

  • Tiffany says:

    I was never in a drug rehab, but worked with teens at one for several years. For some, it was life-changing, and for others it only wasted their time.
    I found that patients get out of it what they put into it. The program will work if you work with it. If you resist and put up a wall the whole time, you probably won’t change much.
    Good luck!!

  • siava101 says:

    Yes ma’am, I was. I was 14. It changed my life for the better. I got to see some people in there much more worse off than me and it opened my eyes. The most memorable was a mother and her son both in there at the same time for crack. The father didn’t even drink and he was so supportive. That was the mother’s 3rd time, the son’s 1st. It was heart-wrenching to see them in family meetings. I didn’t want to put my parents through that anymore. The outpatient meetings after the inpatient was also very helpful. It was extremely uplifting to be around peers that were going through the same thing as me. I had people to talk to that understood. The counselors were all recovering addicts as well, so that was a big factor. I felt I could trust them, and of course, they could relate. The relationship I had with my parents after drug rehabilitation has never been better. It also put a new spin on life for me. I can now recognize scum and manipulators right away because I’ve been there, done that. Hope this reply is what you’re looking for. You have an awesome day, too.

  • unknownsndr says:

    i was..it opened my eyes 2 treatment but i wasnt ready 2 quit if ur ready to quit itll help but u gotta hit “bottom” first

  • jeff w says:

    melissa a very good friend of mine was in one not to long ago and she came out a tolally different person she has moved and i miss her alot but she is doing good and puting what she learned there in her every day life so good luck with what life may bring your way

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