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For AGW Believers; Do You Think That Your Drug Addiction Is Causing Climate Change?

Question by Romeo: For AGW believers; Do you think that your drug addiction is causing climate change?
Are those of you who use narcotics blaming yourself for climate change? If you blame coal, petroleum and deforestation, then why are you not doing something about your cocaine addiction?
It has always amazed me how liberals will point fingers and blame everyone else but themselves. I don’t believe that their addiction is causing warming, but I am sure that it is funneling billions of dollars to criminals in Mexico and other countries. Mexico has lost over 18,000 lives in the last three years fighting drug cartels. Mexico isn’t safe for tourism anymore.
“This has nothing to do with “liberals””
I personally don’t know any conservatives that use designer or non pharma drugs. Almost every liberal I know uses pot and black market designer drugs. I know because I frequent a hangout where the political environment is extremely liberal and people who talk to me feel comfortable talking about their pot use. I have made friends and they know I am a non user, so I suspect that some of them use felony narcotics, but aren’t willing to risk talking about it in front of me.
This is so good that I am putting it up for a vote. I want to see how the voting goes.

Does Anyone Know of a Free Drug Addiction in Patient Type Program for a Cocaine Additct?

Question by PK48: Does anyone know of a free drug addiction in patient type program for a cocaine additct?
This person lives in Columbus, Ohio and been trying to get help for several months. Person lost job has no money or insurance and is becoming very depressed. Please help… can find only out patient counseling which is not working.

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Answer by alone1with3
Try calling Transitions in Cincinnati, Ohio. They should be able to tell you exactly where they can get help.

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