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What Is the Job Corp Medical Exam Procedure? I Am Mostly Worried About the DRUG TEST? ?

Question by bunny babe: What is the job corp medical exam procedure? I am mostly worried about the DRUG TEST? ?
I am planning on attending the job corps in Long beach, CA and i have already been informed that they will do a medical examination that includes a drug test once they accept my application. I have fooled about three drug test using someone Else’s piss and some hand warmers, and one of these included a physical.. But this job corps one also includes a visual of your Genitals, so my question is Will they undress me before or after the drug test.. what i usually do is tie the bottle with piss close to my crotch, but if im without my clothes and just the robe and they come in and look at my genitals they will see the bottle ..but if they undress me after wards they wont because i will just leave it in my clothes….another? will they supervise me pissing into the cup?? is it at the center or at a medical location?/ appreciate the help THANXS