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Dog Health Treatment & Advice : Canine Prescription Drugs


Dog Health Treatment & Advice : Canine Prescription Drugs – Canine prescription drugs are available through a veterinarian after a physical exam, and vaccines are often prescribed, such as parvo, distemper, parainflue…


Lawmakers weighing in on prescription drug abuse bill

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“That's why this year's budget includes a significant increase in resources for prescription drug abuse prevention and treatment initiatives. These programs will help Oklahomans get healthier and improve the already great quality of life in our state …
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Can a Lawyer Do Free Work for a Third Party for Referrals to Him? 3rd Party Works for Drug Treatment Center.?

Question by Penny M: Can a lawyer do free work for a third party for referrals to him? 3rd party works for drug treatment center.?
Girl works for drug/alcohol treatment center, people ask for referrals for attorney, she refers one in particular and that attorney does pro bono work for her. Is this legal. It seems that there is a “captive audience” as these people in treatment need legal help.

Best answer:

Answer by Barry C
They are not obliged to hire him once referred, nor is he obligated to take their case.