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Marketing Campus Site to College Students?

Question by iluvmusic9: Marketing campus site to college students?
I recently redesigned the Web site for the office where I work on campus at a medium private university. It is for the alcohol and drug abuse prevention office, and the previous Web site was not very informative and most students reported never having used it. The new site contains a lot of great information, but no one knows about it yet. Do you have any suggestions for getting students interested in checking out the new site?

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Non Residential Drug Rehab Houston Call 713-966-6103 for Help


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Health law to open access to addiction treatment

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The change means that up to 62 million people will receive some kind of coverage for drug and alcohol problems, ranging from paying for weekly counseling sessions to long-term stays in rehabilitation facilities. Local treatment centers are encouraged …
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Teen Substance Abuse – When Do You Seek Help? MetroHealth


Teen Substance Abuse – When do you seek help? MetroHealth – Are you worried that your teen is abusing drugs or alcohol? MetroHealth pediatrician Dr. Philip Fragassi explains the warning signs, when to seek help and treatment options.


Scientology Volunteers Helping Stem Tampa Bay's Teen Prescription Drug

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Committed to helping teens avoid the tragedy of substance abuse, Scientologist Julieta Gil Santagostino of Clearwater, Florida, leads a corps of more than 30 Tampa Bay area volunteers. They use the Truth About Drugs, a program supported by the Church …
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Does Anyone in California Know Meg Whitman’s Views on Legalizing Drug Addiction?

Question by pamcarter: Does anyone in California know Meg Whitman’s views on legalizing drug addiction?
Since legalizing drug addiction is so big in their state and she wants to become governor of the state..what’s her views on legalizing drug addiction there?
Pot is addicting. What are her views on legalizing pot addiction?

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Answer by chuck_junior
No. Ask what Ex-Governor Moonbeams views are.

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It's not funny

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