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Detox for a Junk Food Addict?

Question by alex.rover: Detox for a junk food addict?
I eat A LOT of junk food and it makes me feel sluggish, unhealthy and just sick overall. I want to make a change and eat healthy now but first I think my body may need a detox. I’ve unfortunately tried to stop eating junk food before but have failed. I’m just so addicted 🙁 but this time I know I have to be more serious about it because it is effective my health!! What do you recommend is the safest and most efficient detox for me? And any other health and fitness advice for someone who is desperate to get healthy!!!

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Health Notes

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St. Vincent's Medical Center is offering “Food for Life Nutrition Program” a cancer survivorship program designed to advance cancer prevention and survival through nutrition education, research and live cooking demonstration Thursday, Feb. …. Class …
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I Think I Have a Cocaine Addiction?

Question by joker: I think I have a cocaine addiction?
So im 17 and about 6 weeks ago a friend of mine came over and gave me a bag of coke. i tried it and ever since then thats the only thing i have able to think about. i sniff it everyday now and ive started bringing it to school doing it in the bathrooms! i cant take this anymore, ive already spent most of my money on it and i really need help on wat to do. i dont want to tell my mom please help!

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How Can Addiction Hotline Help My Cocaine Addiction?


How Can Addiction Hotline Help My Cocaine Addiction? – The hold that cocaine has on a person can be hard to break free from. It is not impossible to be free from cocaine addiction, but the road to recovery certai…


'How to Make Money Selling Drugs' review: Declaring war on the drug war

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Presented as a combination DIY guide and video game-style level climb, it features interviews with an array of former marijuana and/or cocaine dealers, including Curtis Jackson (aka 50 Cent) and "Freeway" Rick Ross, the man who introduced crack to the …
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Stop Eating Junk Food: Addiction Cure and Help