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Alcoholic/Diabetic Mother – Anyway to Legally Force Her to Rehab?

Question by jezabelm923: Alcoholic/Diabetic Mother – Anyway to legally force her to rehab?
My mother is an alcoholic. I started to notice it when I was about 8 years old. I am 23 now. She wasn’t as bad as she is today. She drinks herself into a stupor at least 6 times a week if I am lucky she will have one day where she is sober. She is also a diabetic who has been in the hospital before in a very sever como. The doctor asked is she drank – she replied no. Is there anyway to get a judge to force her to rehab? She is ruining our family. My sister and I can’t even sleep at night because she is up and often comes in our rooms to bother us while we are sleeping. I live in NJ if that helps. She hides booze in the house – and recently she went from drinking beer to drinking vodka which is worse for her diabetes. Please help!