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How Do You Feel About John McCain Being One of the Famous Keating Five Who Tried to Help Cover Up a Swindler?

Question by frank alongie: How do you feel about John McCain being one of the famous Keating five who tried to help cover up a swindler?
See the Washington Post story here along with the story of his drug addicted wife Cindy:

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Answer by Elektrisk
Sounds like something he would do. Do we really want a woman like her to be our first lady? Do we want a liar being our president?

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Does Cindy McCain Consider It a Crime to Steal Drugs? ?

Question by Not so looney afterall: Does Cindy McCain consider it a crime to steal drugs? ?
And how much jail time did she serve? (thanks to Novice who put together these links)

Cindy McCain’s theft…
her drug addiction…
Read this one on Cindy McCain–she has siblings and does not acknowledge them.…
Cindy McCain got caught stealing drugs!!…

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Did Cindy McCain Drug Her Own Children & Did John McCain Cover Up Her Drug Abuse?

Question by Anonymous User: Did Cindy McCain drug her own children & did John McCain cover up her drug abuse?
A former McCain insider and lifelong Republican who worked for Cindy’s charity that she raided to feed her drug addiction, has come forward to tell what he knows.

He says the official story that Cindy hid her drug abuse from her husband is a lie and a cover-up designed to protect his political career. Not only did John McCain know all about it, he deeply hurt and disappointed Cindy’s parents who had managed an intervention for Cindy that resulted in her being checked into rehab.