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Why Are People So Quick to Criticize Mitt Romney Because of His Wealth but Not Obama’s?

Question by Garrett Perez: Why are people so quick to criticize Mitt Romney because of his wealth but not Obama’s?
Cause Obama is rich and there are a lot of rich democrts out there like John Kerry and Hollywood actors or singers. This is straight up hypocrisy. So Romney is rich, it’s because he is a successful business man. At least he didn’t steal people’s money. Democrats are so quick to judge Mitt Romney and rich republicans but not rich democrats. Obama is rich to why aren’t people criticizing him? Why judge him at something he is successful at?

Any Other Yahoo Users With Chronic Pain and Are You Getting the Treatment You Need?

Question by MrPurrfect: Any other yahoo users with chronic pain and are you getting the treatment you need?
I would like to hear from other people that are currently in or have been in a test program for the drug PTI-821 or Remoxy or hear from others that have been on pain killers for chronic pain for a long time.

My question really is, what has made you deal with chronic pain in a successful way, even if it is something other than drugs.

Judge John Wulle in Court: July 6, 2010


Judge John Wulle in court: July 6, 2010 – Clark County Superior Court Judge John Wulle on Feb. 22 was charged with conduct violations. In this video from July 6, 2010 he yells at a juvenile appearing on an arraignment for a probation violation. (He ran from a drug treatment center.) The 17-year-old says he doesn’t care about the judge’s work, and the judge detains him for five days for bad behavior.


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