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Jim McGreevey Says He's Given Up Politics, Embraced a Simpler Life

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Last year Christie conspicuously named McGreevey to a state task force on opiate addiction (PDF) and met with him to discuss Integrity House, the drug treatment center where he's a salaried staffer as an addiction recovery specialist. … (This was …
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Is There Someone Here Who Can Tell Me How to Find Drug Rehabs in Gridley, California?

Question by aja np: Is there someone here who can tell me how to find drug rehabs in Gridley, California?
I have a friend whom I haven’t had contact with in years. Recently, though, someone told me that he was spotted at a drug rehab in Gridley, probably working there as a counselor. Since I will be visiting someone else in California, I think I might as well go and see my friend too. This is why I want to find the available drug rehabs there.

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