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How Can I Get Help With a Family With Drug Addiction and Mental Illness Combined Thats in Denial?

Question by Daphne W: How can I get help with a family with drug addiction and mental illness combined thats in denial?
I’ve been using some form of drug all my life. I’ve always wanted to stop, but I’ve been scared of facing reality alone. No one around me was making a move to get out that life so I waited and still used. During this time, I have neglected giving my full self to my children, neglected important activities and neglected myself.
It’s been 5 years and me and my boyfriend have been battling drug addiction together and mental illness. I got so depressed that I was searching for help in the T.V. and newspaper. I became delusional and wanted help so bad that I convinced myself that someone out there in the world had been hearing my cry for help. As I got weaker, fighting my addiction and mental illness, I then thought someone was coming to kill me. After my stay at the hospital my mind got stronger. I’ve used since then. I’ve left my boyfriend. I made a move on helping my family, but my partner is in denial. He resents me for making a stand. I Love him and can’t help him. I stay depressed.